Our Story

It all started when our founder Shidharth Ganguly realized the impact of merchandise entangled with a simple quote or an art. A mere product can inspire people, but these values are never outspoken.

That's when he made the team and started moving forward with a pursuit to motivate and inspire people with a mere product. One product turned into several products, and we have become a luxury brand that is proudly INDIAN.


Our products have their own story too. Each of them is entangled with meaningful values, whether it's art, quotes, phrases, or memes printed on the products. Our enthusiastic team is constantly working to bring the best designs, and we are always updated, keeping up with the pace of the world.


Art and words connect to the soul. We pick out products and designs after carefully determining. This is what makes us stand out. From appeals such as t-shirts, joggers, hoodies to phone cases and pop sockets everything is custom designed. Our authenticity is very loud.


Pursuit Label has found its place in the hearts of several happy customers who loved the products we crafted, and this is our most significant accomplishment.


Our Mission is to motivate and inspire people to keep moving forward and to go in pursuit of their goals. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. That's what Pursuit Label believes in too.

"I don't have Dreams; I have Goals"- Harvey Specter said. This is our favorite quote from the TV Show Suits. We made a pop-socket of this quote to remind people to have goals rather than dreams.

 What makes Pursuit Label distinct?

 Authenticity, creativity, and unbeatable quality. 100% made by Indians. We add the value of belonging making our products more special.

We want to be known as the first brand that people would like to look up to get their merchandise.

 Striving to design products that will hold a personal value to the customers.

We give 20% of all the profits made through your purchase to charity. Because we wish to do our part in helping the underprivileged. Our mission is to make this world a better place even if it's through the smallest deeds.

We believe that the world needs to embrace more designs, and with hard work, we grow. Pursuit Labels is never tired of exploring the unknown.

 Our customers made us who we are today, and we enjoy creating products that are meaningful and satisfying to them.